13 November 2015

Nail art // Colors by Llarowe watermarble

Hi loves! Today I have something fun to share, a successful watermarble attempt :D I have only ever attempted a marble once before, but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted. But I think I found out what was preventing me from successful marbles!

Curious about my experience?

Like I said, I've only attempted a watermarble once because well, I just could NOT get the polish to spread properly. I always used tapwater, sometimes I'd let it sit for a while, sometimes I'd use it straight from the tap, I tried boiled water.. it didn't work. The other day though, I was chatting to Emily about thinning a thick liquid latex using distilled water. My boyfriend brought some from the store for this purpose and suddenly I remembered: distilled water works better for marbles!

Sooo, I figured I should give this technique a whirl again. I started with a base of Colors by Llarowe Hot Buttered Rum. Along with it I used Berries in the Snow and Jewel of Denial. Berries in the Snow turned out quite a bit lighter because I didn't use that many rings, so it didn't get too opaque.

I need some advice! To create you pattern, what do you prefer using? I went with an orange wood stick but felt it wasn't "sharp" enough. Do any of you use a specific watermarble tool? Also, yay for liquid latex ♥. I would have been so upset with the clean-up if I didn't use any!

What do you think of my first succesful watermarble? Do you like this technique? And do you have any tips and tricks to share with me?
Colors by Llarowe is the indie brand from the well known stockist Llarowe. The formula is 3-free and the bottles hold 12 ml. of polish.

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