26 November 2015

Nail art // Paint All The Nails Presents Dry Brush

Hi loves! Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, may your day be filled with lots of love, family and delicious food ^^.

Another monthly link-up is happening today with my girls from Paint All The Nails and this time we are all doing a dry brush look! This is such a simple yet effective nail art technique, and you can pair it with many other techniques as well. Or just keep it with the dry brush like I did ;-). Make sure to check the end of this post to see what my friends did for this challenge!

Let's brush on!

Dry brushing is a technique which doesn't require any tools, all you need is a few different polish colors. You start with a base, I went with Cirque Colors Carpe Diem here, and let it dry. It's really important to get it completely dry, otherwise you'll tear your base when dry brushing the colors.

The colors I used for my nail art look are all Cirque Colors as well: Topless in Times Square (soft beige), Glitterati (taupish brown) and Rouge Rockefeller (crelly red). These are all available at PrettyPolish. To achieve this look, wipe off all polish from the brush. There is always some polish left on it even if you think it's clean, but when the brush is still wet this won't work. After wiping off the polish you basically brush over your nail, because of the sheer amount of polish on your brush it'll leave patches and bits of color across the surface! You can brush upwards, downwards and even sideways, you decide! Layer on a few colors until you are satisfied and finish with topcoat. I used Cirque Colors Matte Look topcoat to achieve a flat finish ^^.

I really like how Topless in Times Square softened the overall look, and the matte finish is very fitting I think!

Have you ever tried dry brush nails? And do you have any extra tips and tricks for this technique? Tell me in the comments!

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