30 November 2015

Swatches // L'oreal Masque lover

Hi guys! Just some simple swatch pictures from me today. I am showing you a tiiiny bottle of polish from L'oreal. You may remember I already showed you a couple of polishes from this line: the Confetti topcoat and Mysterious Icon. And today I've got Masque lover for you.

Let's see more pictures!
Masque lover is kind of a surprising polish. In the bottle it looks like a very shimmery polish with some of the Confetti glitter mixed in. And on the label says it's a 'granite effect' polish, but that doesn't really say anything about the finish. However, it turns out to be a texture polish! And now the label does make some sense. With the black and white mixed into the texture, it does look a bit like rough granite!

I wasn't too impressed with it though. It applies fine, shown here is 3 thin coats. But I just don't really 'feel' it, you know? I think I would have liked this one better as a normal polish instead of a texture. But after 3 coats of texture, adding 2 layers of topcoat to smooth it out just makes it too thick for me.

What do you guys think? Do you like this polish? Or would you have preferred it as a non texture? Please let me know and see you next week!

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