24 December 2015

Nail art // Abstract Holly Leaves

Hi loves! Yay, it's almost Christmas! This'll be my last regular post of the year, next week I'm doing some favorites posts and then we are already kicking of 2016. I can't wait to see what the new year will bring for me and the blog!

Now, if you haven't thought of any nails for the holiday, this might be a quick and easy last-minute design - you don't even need any special tools!

I've done an actual holly leaves design on the blog in the past, and while it's very cute, this design is so fast and easy and you really don't need any skill or special tools to create this abstract holly leaf design. Funny enough I used the exact same colors for this look without even realizing it!

To create this look, start with a white base. You could do a green base as well but the white keeps it from getting to dark and murky I think. While the white base dries, apply some cuticle protector on your skin if you have it - it'll make clean-up much easier and faster!

After your white base dried well, take a bit of saran wrap (the clear plastic you use in the kitchen) and scrunch it to a little ball. Add a bit of your darkest green color (I chose ORLY Enchanted Forest) to a surface that doesn't soak up the polish (a plastic baggie, the metal backing of a stamping plate, a manicure mat) and dab the scrunched saran wrap into the color. Now dab this all over your nail. Make sure you don't use too much polish at a time, you can always add more but if it covers too much it's hard to correct. Then, use the lighter green to do the same thing (I chose OPI Jade Is The New Black). I added a bit more of the darker green after that to create more depth. Let it dry and in the mean time clean-up your cuticles.

After your base dried again, add 3 dots by using a red polish (I chose A-England Perceval). Again, you don't need anything special for this, you can use a bobby pin or the gum part on the end of a pencil. Add topcoat once those dots are dry and you are done!

What do you think of this abstract design? And what are you wearing on your nails the coming days? Tell me in the comments!

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