22 December 2015

Nail art & Review // Bundle Monster Occasions Stamping Plate Collection

Hi loves! Today I have another fun Bundle Monster stamping plate collection to share with you, this time it's the Bundle Monster Occasion Stamping Plates with a Christmas/New Years Eve theme! Just like with the Shangri-La set I created 3 looks with these plates.

Let's get to it!

Because I don't have a scanner and my photography set-up isn't useful for photographing the plates, I kindly ask you to check out the Bundle Monster listing to view all 10 plates and their designs.

The Bundle Monster Occasion Stamping Plates consists of 10 square plates, some are a buffet-style design, others have around 6 full-nail images and one plate has 25 small designs on it. The buffet-style plates offer a great variety as you can use every little bit of the plate to create your own personal look, and the others plates are great for both decals and adding details. There are a lot of fun holiday themed designs included, ranging from snowflakes and christmas trees to fireworks and gingerbread men. I have no issues to report picking up any of the designs and I used both bolder and more fine designs. The plates fit the Bundle Monster plate organizer as the width is the same as round image plates. The plates have a paper backing and the regular blue foil on the front that has to be removed before using them.

One plate I did have issues with, but I'll tell you more when we get to that particular design.

Besides the plates, I also got to test the brand new Bundle Monster Latex Poli-Peel Cuticle Skin Protector. Since I've started using cuticle protectors during nail art, it has been so much more fun to create "messy" looks, as the clean-up just isn't as terrible anymore as it used to be. Now Bundle Monster released their own version and it works great! The latex brushes on thin and easy, and dries very quickly. It's a milky pink when wet, and dries to a clear hot pink with blue and pink shimmer in it. Don't worry, no shimmer is left on the skin after you remove the protector. If you are ordering some Bundle Monster goodies and you don't own something like this yet, be sure to score a bottle! Please note that if you have a latex allergy, this is NOT the product for you!

Another fun product I got to test is the Bundle Monster Lotus Mat. A variation on the Uber Mat by UberChic Beauty, but with a bit of a different design. I particularly like the black & clear lotus in the center, as it's an easy way to test stamping polishes over a dark base before using them on your nails. The material allows you to create decals on this beauty, stamp over it to test combinations and it's the perfect cover for your desk to keep it from getting polish all over it. I clean it by using a lint roller and if I really spilled a lot, I just rub over it with a cotton pad and some remover, and the black print hasn't lifted a bit yet. It comes in a box that you can easily fold it back into so it doesn't take up much space when you don't use it.

Bundle Monster S211 has firework designs all over it. I used various parts of the plate to create this look, and I stamped with Glam Polish Ornate over A-England Camelot. The holographic sparkle in the silver stamping polish made this such a fun look!

Bundle Monster S214 has fun Christmas themed designs, and I used the bottom right part with all the gifts to create this look. I started with a white base, then added a coat of China Glaze Party Hearty. Because it looked a bit too stark I topped it with a layer of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu to soften everything and then stamped my image.

Bundle Monster S215 has "ugly sweater" images all over it. This plate did give me some issues, and it's something I've been noticing with a lot of plates. So, when you take a design at a smaller size, it doesn't fit larger nails. Most companies release larger images because of that, but instead of creating a larger design, they just blow up the initial design. This way it does fit larger nails, but a lot of detail is lost. That's the issue here as well: the design itself is drawn too big or blown up too much, and therefore I couldn't get a proper portion of the design on my nail without placement issues and warped lines. I'd rather have a "fuller" plate with a smaller design, just more of it. It's a difficult difference to explain but hopefully you'll understand! I used Kaleidoscope by El Corazon 04 Первый подснежник as my base and stamped using China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans

Overall conclusion
Even though the S215 plate didn't work out for me, the others are really fun to use. It might be a limited time each your you get to use these, but for the price of $1,50 per plate you can't really go wrong here. The quality is great as always and the images are really versatile!

Do you like holiday-themed stamping plates? And which of these looks is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!
Bundle Monster is a company located in Hawaii and sells various nail art items, along with gel polish and regular polish. They ship worldwide!

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