02 December 2015

Nail art & Review // Whats Up Nails Fishnet Stencils

Hi loves! Today I have something gorgeous to share with you, at least I think it's gorgeous ;-). I received a few stencil designs from Whats Up Nails to test and review and today I am sharing the first look I did. It's very blingy!

Let's take a closer look!

Whats Up Nails is a nail art store featuring a ton of products. They have vinyl tape, stickers, guides and stencils, along with various tools, polishes, stamping plates and everything else you might need to create your unique look. They are located in the USA and ship worldwide (except the nail polish).

One out of 6 designs I chose to review are the Fishnet Stencils. I had seen these being used by my friend Emily and since I know she is quite picky with her vinyls, I knew that if she liked them, I would too ;-). I started with a base of Cirque Colors Reflektor and applied my stencil one nail at a time. The stencils are large enough so you don't have to worry about placement and come off the sheet quite easily. With designs like these you might have to poke out the little bits as they often come right off the sheet with the stencil itself. After I put it on my nail, I trimmed the top part of the vinyl so it would lay down better on my nail tip. I applied my black polish (with a bit of Reflektor mixed in at the bottom to create a fading effect) using a sponge, this way you have less chances of polish pooling underneath the stencil. Remove the stencil right after applying your polish and you are left with a beautiful design!

The final finish was a bit bumpy, to smooth down everything I sealed it in using 2 layers of topcoat. But after that I was left with these superblingy nails! 

Have you ever tried stencils from Whats Up Nails? And what are your tips and tricks using stencils for nail art? Tell me in the comments!
Whats Up Nails is based in the USA and provides worldwide shipping for everything except nail polish. They offer a ton of nail art products.

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