08 January 2016

Nail art // 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pale blue base

Hi loves! After a little break, it's time again to continue with the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge. Because of all the themes one can match to the month of December, us pattern girls didn't have to post since December 4th, so luckily I reminded to catch up on this one in time. Nothing more annoying than having to rush a nail art look, especially if it's one you are kinda scared of!

Curious what scared me?

It's the ikat pattern that had me scared! I have tried this pattern in the past and could not succeed, maybe it was the tools I used, maybe I just didn't really try - participating in a challenge can be so helpful because it forces you to face those techniques you like but haven't mastered yet.

Besides my personal ikat pattern prompt, the main theme this week is a pale blue base. I think that's a great choice for the beginning of January, it's quite cold in a lot of places of the world right now so this icy color suits most of us :-). My pale blue base is Dior Porcelaine, a beautiful squishy light blue color. This time around I used 4 coats before I felt it was even enough, which is a bit of a shame for such an expensive polish, but oh well.

After it dried, I used a trimmed down detail brush to paint on blobs of white polish. Letting this dry as well, I added Mischo Beauty XO when the white wasn't tacky anymore using the same trimmed down detail brush. Before you proceed, let this dry again because you'll smudge it otherwise.

With a medium length striper brush and some black polish, I added the details that create this specific pattern. I chose to outline both the coral and the white polish, but if you put on your white color with a striper brush instead of just creating triangle shaped blobs, you could also choose to only outline between the white and coral. Lastly, add a little triangle with the black polish to the center of your design and let it dry very well. You can finish with either shiny or matte top coat, I decided to go with matte to put even more emphasis on the pattern!

Have you mastered the ikat pattern yet? And what do you think of my first successful attempt? Tell me in the comments!

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