28 January 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails Presents Pantone Color of the Year

Hi loves! Yay, it's another edition of Paint All The Nails. You know what that means.. lots of pretty nail art posted on various blogs ^^. This time we are presenting Pantone Color of the Year as our theme, and unlike other times this time we are free to interpret that theme with any technique we want. Can't wait to see what the other girls did this round!

Want to see my design a bit closer?

I'll admit I struggled a bit with finding the right colors in my stash to represent both Rose Quartz and Serenity, but with a nudge in the right direction from Paulina I think I succeeded. My pink is a creme from The New Black (not sure which set it came from) and the blue is China Glaze Boho Blues.

My technique of choice is a gradient on a white base, which made the colors appear even softer than they are. Normally I use the lightest color of the 2 as a base and do my gradient that way. But this worked out pretty as well! After the gradient dried I used the same white base (Dance Legend Polina from the Binary line) to stamp. It isn't as bold as my usual white stamping polish, but I think that is exactly what this design needed! The image comes from the Bundle Monster + Magically Polished plate. I really like it!

What do you think of the Pantone Color of the Year choices? And how about this nail art? Tell me in the comments!

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