13 January 2016

Review & Nail art // Hēhē Plus Stamping Plates

Hi loves! I am introducing a new to me brand of stamping plates today, called Hēhē. To be fair, I shared another Hēhē plate earlier but since I'm pretty sure that wasn't authentic, I am counting this as my first experience with the brand :-).

Let's take a closer look!

Hēhē plates are all designed by Haiyan, and she does such beautiful designs! The first official plate I am sharing with you is from the plus line, which are the larger rectangular plates you might know from MoYou London, Born Pretty Store and Bundle Monster. I received the Fairytale 005 and Superheroes 005 for review, and both looks today are done using the Fairytale plate.

All plates come in a cardboard sleeve with a small instruction printed on the back as well as the line + number of the plate. I did notice that while the actual plate size is exactly the same between the 2, the plastic backing the have is note the same size, which annoys me a bit. The line + plate number is also engraved in the plate itself so that's great!

I've already tested both plates and I can say the quality is truly amazing. I did not have any issues picking up the image, and while the stamper you use influences this as well, I didn't have air bubbles either (okay maybe 1 or 2, but barely!). You can take a closer look at the full plate right here. The images are well-etched, the thin lines pick up great and the images transfer crisp and clear to my nails.

The first look I did used Dance Legend Melange 269 as a base (also, this polish is such a heavenly creme, it's perfect!) and I stamped using the feathered or braided part of the plate with Konad white. This design is the perfect example of having a large design without blowing up the actual details: there is a lot of room to work on the plate but it's still detailed and small. 

For the second look I went with Il Était Un Vernis #Imanatural and the knitted part of the plate, again with Konad white as my stamping polish. I also mattified it because it seemed more fitting :-). I love how this pattern isn't just a repeated one, there's variety and irregularity to it, which makes it so much better in my opinion. There's also a strip of the same design but in negative if you want to add an easy accent nail.

Overall conclusion
Since this was my first official test of Hēhē plates, I was wondering if I'd notice the quality difference between the fake and genuine plates. Truth is, I do notice it. I didn't have to work had at all for a crisp and clear pick-up of the design, and you can feel the plates are produced well in many ways. I feel like I'll be using this plate a lot, as there are more gorgeous portions included that I can't wait to play with!

Have you tried Hēhē plates before? If so, what did you think of them?
Hēhē plates should only be purchased through their own website (they offer international shipping) to avoid buying fakes and so you can support the actual designer. They have both plus sizes plates available as well as regular round plates, with many amazing designs.

Connect with Hēhē // Instagram // Facebook

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