19 January 2016

Swatches & Review // Native War Paints Christy & Jenn

Hi loves! Today I am sharing a new to me brand on the blog, and I totally blame Kellie Gonzo for this purchase ;-). She has been featuring some collections lately and I just couldn't help myself, I had to try some of these for myself! This post will be about 2 shades from the NWP Classic Essentials line, they are affordable polishes that are work appropriate without being boring.

Native War Paints Christy

Let's get to it!

When I first went to order, I browsed around the site feeling a bit overwhelmed. This brand has done quite some polish already! There are large pictures available of each shade so you don't really need to Google anymore swatches, and there are various mix & match options available as well (like pick 6 shades from the NWP Classic Essentials line and only pay $30!). Because I wanted to try a bit of everything I went with 4 shades and checked out. Shipping is a bit on the high side I think, I paid $19 for 4 polishes. Also, the real value was declared on the packaging so it got picked out by customs and I had to pay an additional fee. This brought the total of my purchase to roughly $17 per polish. Yeah... these better be GOOD!

The polish arrived well packed in a bubble mailer, no extra's or business card included but that's okay. It took some time to arrive at my place but that was because of customs, actually Native War Paints has super fast turn-around time: I ordered December 30th and it shipped out the same day. And not the pre-notification with no movement for a day or 2, no it actually shipped the same day. That's some great customer service!

Native War Paints comes in the standard round indie bottles we all know and love (at least I do) and hold 15 ml. The formula is 5-free as well, which is great! The brush is flat and medium width, easy to work with without being too wide. The formula was a bit different for each shade though pigmentation was very high on each shade.

Native War Paints Christy

Native War Paints Christy

Native War Paints Christy

Native War Paints Christy is a dark navy blue polish with pink shimmer. It reminds me of China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars but with way more pronounced shimmer. The shimmer does hide a bit sometimes but if there is only a touch of light on your nails you'll see it spark up and light the navy blue base so beautifully. The formula was creamy and opaque, if you apply carefully one coat could be enough. I used two coats and finished with topcoat, since it dries quite flat and dull.

Native War Paints Jenn
Native War Paints Jenn
Native War Paints Jenn
Native War Paints Jenn is a deep plum polish with flashes of green shimmer. It's quite heavy on the brown tones but I don't even mind, it's such a unique beauty! The green shimmer is a bit more evident in real life, it's like this veil of green on top of the plum tones, very beautiful. Again, quite opaque in one coat but I always like to use two coats. Dries dull as well so use topcoat to bring the sparkle to life.

Overall conclusion
So far, this brand has impressed me with their beautiful shades and lovely formula. The colors are well executed and great to work with, I can't believe how good pigmentation is on both of these! Depending on what you like the formula might be a tad thick, I personally love a thicker formula as it doesn't run anywhere and covers better - I know these did and I barely had any clean-up to do! My favorite is Christy because that shimmer is so pretty, but I love Jenn for the original combination of colors.

Have you ever heard of or tried Native War Paints? And what do you think of these 2 shades? Tell me in the comments!
Native War Paints is a hand-blended indie located in Chicago, USA. There are various lines available as well as a monthly subscription box that includes at least one full size and one mini polish. International shipping is available.

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