05 February 2016

Nail art // 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Aqua or turquoise

Hi loves! Yay, another Friday and another round of the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge :-). I was especially excited about today's prompt because my color and pattern matched up really nicely: the common color theme is aqua or turquoise, and my personal pattern prompt is mermaid/scales. That is quite an easy prompt!

Want to see more?

I knew I wanted to do some stamping decals again, I actually did a set before using this specific pattern but I just liked them so much this was the perfect excuse to do them again. I prepped my Bundle Monster Lotus Mat by cleaning it with a lint roller and filling in 2 of the "nails" with clear polish. I then stamped the scaly design from MoYou London Sailor 05 onto it and let it dry for a bit. If you move too fast you'll smudge the stamping because when you color in the decal you soften the polish a bit. 

The polishes I used to fill in the decal are: H&M Bella's Choice, Kiko 532 Pearly Amazon Green and Chanel Azuré. It´s so fun to use a mix of creme and shimmery polishes because it creates a beautiful finish. I also painted my index and pinky with H&M Bella's Choice and added a small golden seashell stud from She Sells Seashells to both nails.

Finish with topcoat on all the nails and you are done! I just love the way these nails look, it's nicely balanced I think by doing only 2 nails with the stamping decals.

What do you think of these nails? And have you ever tried creating stamping decals? Tell me in the comments!

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