19 February 2016

Nail art // 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Red

Hi loves! It's that time again, another edition of 40 Great Nail Art Ideas! As excited I was about the last edition, as worried I was about this one! The common color today is red and my personal prompt? Mosaic/stained glass. Yup.. that had me stumped a bit. But I think I managed to make it work in the end so..

Let's take a closer look!

To create this look, I started with 2 important things: a clean and crisp white base, and various reds combined with my Bundle Monster Lotus Mat. I painted a few strips of the various reds onto my Lotus Mat. Most colors needed 2 layers for proper opacity which is good, because it makes the "decals" more sturdy as well.

After your polish strips dry properly you simply peel them off and use a small scissor to cut them into little triangles. I applied the triangles by sticking them on the slightly tacky white polish. The decals already have a tendency to stick to the surface so you don't need much to get them in place. I finished with a layer of top coat!

How would you have gone about this prompt? And what do you think of my mosaic nails? Tell me in the comments!

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