15 February 2016

Nail art // Double stamped roses on a stiped field

Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I did one, so today it is time for a stamping manicure! But not just any stamping manicure, a double stamping one! 'Pff, that's not that special' you say. Well, it is for me, because for some reason I suck at them! I never find 2 images that go well together, and when I do they obscure each other or smudge or just simply turn out bad. I wish I had Deborah's double stamping skills! But I was really glad with how this manicure turned out, so yay!

Wanna see?
So for this manicure I stared out with what I think is an absolutely gorgeous polish: OPI Suzi takes the wheel. I then stamped over that with Konad white and a striped image from BM-XL01. This turned out so pretty that I almost lost my nerve because I didn't want to ruin what I had going on. But I forced myself and stamped over it with Konad black and the stylised roses from Moyou pro XL14. And of course, this image didn't transfer very well....but.. I kinda like the effect! Most of the time I try to get my stamping as perfect as possible. But this time I liked how the roses looked with little pieces missing. So I just went with it, topcoated it (no smudges yay!) and here it it: one of my very few succesful double stamping manicures!

I hope you guys like it, and see you next week!

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