24 February 2016

Nail art & Review // Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper

Hi loves! As you all know, I absolute adore stamping nail art. It's quick, it's easy, it's effective and I just can't get enough of it. A few years ago I started with the basic Konad stamper, just like everybody was using at the time. After a while, the more squishy stampers arrived and nowadays there are a million options when it comes to stamping your nails. The most recent invention is a groundbreaking one though: a clear jelly stamper. You can now actually SEE what you're doing!

Want to see more?

The Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper is very affordable and comes in 3 colors: clear, pink and lilac. Obviously the stamper itself is clear but the holders are colored. The are priced $2,99 each or you could grab all 3 colors for $7,99. There's a scraper included in the set though I prefer to use one of my thinner more flexible scraper cards.

When the stamper arrived I took it out of the packaging and cleaned it with a lint roller. I didn't prime it nor wash it and for me, it picked up perfectly. Sometimes it does need a wash though for perfect pick-up. I wouldn't recommend priming it like you normally would because it could cloud the surface of the stamper, and then you can't see through it anymore!

While the stamper head isn't as firm as the good ol' Konad head, it's squishy enough to fit my curved nails from side to side. It also doesn't distort geometric designs which is a huge plus for me! Because the head has a dome shape to it, it does look like you are seeing things through a looking-glass so you need to change your perspective a bit when stamping, but it's so great to be able to see your nail and center your image just the way you want it.

Other uses for this stamper are endless: you can create a decal and actually see the outcome before using it, double stamp and place the second round exactly how you want it (can you imagine doing 3D dots using this nifty tool?) or just go for perfect placement every time.

Overall conclusion
While I was perfectly happy with the stampers I used before the clear jelly stamper, I now can't imagine living without this anymore. It's so much easier to place my stamping like I want it and the stamper head is squishy enough to hug my nails but not distort images.

Have you tried a clear jelly stamper? And what technique would you try first with this tool? Tell me in the comments!
Born Pretty Store is a large online shop with a great assortment of nail art goodies, nail polish and other beauty products. They ship worldwide and for free too, so that's nice! Heck, you can even take 10% off regular priced items using my coupon TRL91.

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