12 February 2016

Nail art & Review // Whats Up Nails Love Letters Stickers & Stencils

Hi loves! Today I am sharing some last-minute Valentine's nail art ideas since the "big day" is almost here. To be honest my boyfriend and I don't celebrate it, it's a bit overrated in my opinion ;-). But it's a good excuse to create some cute nails and if you use these stencils from Whats Up Nails you'll be left with gorgeous results!

Want to see more?

The Whats Up Nails Love Letters Stickers & Stencils sheet holds 5 rows of stickers & stencils containing the words LOVE, AMOR, XOXO, I♥U2 and KISS. You can use the outer part as a stencil and you can peel away the letter inside and simply stick it on your nail as a sticker!

My first look is a very simple one. I was already wearing my basecolor for a day and simple added the KISS stencils to my nail, sponged on Essie Penny Talk and removed the stencils following the lines of the letters a bit. I was left with a crisp result and finished with some topcoat.

My second look is a bit more complicated, but not much ;-). I started with a white base and sponged on some pink and red and added a bit more white again to soften the look. I then added some quick dry topcoat and after that dried, the stencils. This time I chose the LOVE ones and sponged some black polish to make a bold contrast with my base. Finished with matte topcoat!

Overall conclusion
I really love these stencils! They leave a clean, crisp result and they are quite versatile since you can use both the sticker and stencil for your look. The LOVE look is my favorite because the base is a bit more fun, but the delicacy of the KISS look is great as well.

Which of these 2 is your favorite? And are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day? Tell me in the comments!
Whats Up Nails is based in the USA and provides worldwide shipping for everything except nail polish. They offer a ton of nail art products.

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