04 March 2016

Nail art // 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pastels

Hi loves! That's right, another edition of the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge! And wow, today has most certainly been a challenge.. I was awarded with the pattern prompt needle drag O.O .. yup, a technique I never attempted before and was a bit scared of. But challenges are there to confront your fears and I was actually quite happy with the outcome.

The color prompt for this week was pastels and I chose 3 shades from the newest Cirque Colors Metropolis release! 

Like I said I used shades from Cirque Colors, they are: Don't Forget The Cannoli (pastel white ;-)), Key To Gramercy (pastel green) and Whitney (pastel pink). I love how they go together even though normally green and pink aren't really shades I'd combine. It's inspired by The Polish Playground and Doctor Crafty.

To create this look, I used 2 coats of Whitney as my base and let it dry a bit to make sure I wouldn't damage it later on. After it dried enough, I painted a thick vertical strip of Whitney, Don't Forget The Cannoli and Key To Gramercy and use a striper brush to quickly drag through the polish from side to side. If your strips of polish are thick enough, they'll move back a bit to where you dragged through them. 

Especially my middle finger came out great, but I'm quite happy with all 4 nails (there are some that were done 3-4 times though!). To finish them I used a matte topcoat, somehow I just really love chalky pastel mattes!

What do you think of my "needle" or brush drag mani? Tell me in the comments!

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