03 March 2016

Swatches & Review // Dance Legend Sparky

Hi loves! I'm back with another Dance Legend post today, sharing 2 shades from the Sparky collection. The collection consists of 6 shades filled with gorgeous holographic sparkles (hence the name ;-)). The base is more of a jelly finish, which allows for them to be build up to little galaxies on your nail.

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Dance Legend Constellation
Dance Legend Constellation
Dance Legend Constellation
Dance Legend Constellation is an inky blue shade. The formula was a bit tricky, the first layer is more of a "slap on" kind of situation as it is streaky, patchy and you just need to get down one layer in order for the others to adhere better. Sometimes it just works like that, lol! I ended up using 3 coats for proper opacity and the sparkle builds up so beautifully in the jelly base this way! Finished with topcoat.

Dance Legend Gravity Falls

Dance Legend Gravity Falls

Dance Legend Gravity Falls

Dance Legend Gravity Falls is very similar to Constellation, except it's purple. Formula was the same, sparkle is the same, again very pretty at 3 coats because of the depth!

Overall conclusion
Even though I think the formula could have been better, I still think these polishes are really nice. The holographic sparkle is smaller than your usual scattered holo finish, and the way they build up in the base is very beautiful. Because I used 3 coats for opacity, these shades became quite dark so in some lighting they look black (and very much alike). My favorite is Constellation because I think the blue shade compliments the holographic finish very well.

Have you tried any of the Dance Legend Sparky polishes? And which of these 2 is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!
Dance Legend is sold through their own webshop, and ships internationally. Dance Legend Sparky shades come in 6,5 ml. bottles and retail for $8.

There are also a few retailers listed on their website if you prefer shopping with a more local webshop. Hypnotic Polish is one of them and is based in The Netherlands - shipping worldwide!

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