28 April 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails presents Monochrome

Hi loves! It's time for another Paint All The Nails challenge and this round the theme is monochrome. While monochrome can be explained as values of one color, this challenge was extra difficult because we were only allowed to use black, grey and white.

Want to see what I came up with?

The minute I realized I could use three colors, all I could think of was stamping marble :-D. It's such an easy technique, but always with striking results and the contrast of the black, grey and white were perfect to work with.

I started with a base of Dance Legend Polina. I always like to use the lightest color as a base because if you don't get the marble to spread entirely, you won't have bald patches. Then using my Bundle Monster XL stamper I made my marble by adding drops of the same white along with CND Asphalt and OPI Lady in Black. Make sure to protect your cuticles and skin with a latex barrier like Dance Legend Pure Manicure because you will have polish everywhere and clean-up is a b*tch without it.

The stamping marble came out way darker on my index and middle finger, but lighter on my ring and pinky, it's so funny to see how much the same technique can differ from nail to nail based on your drops of color! I wanted to add something more though, and since silver is a shade of grey (just metallic ;-)) I used A-England Excalibur Renaissance along with a Hēhē plate to add some stamping. 

What do you think of this monochrome nail art? Is it something you'd wear? Tell me in the comments!

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