26 May 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails Presents Dotticures

Hi loves! Yay, another post from me, hope you are enjoying these sporadic updates ^^. It's time for another Paint All The Nails challenge and this time we present dotticures! This is quite a broad theme so I can't wait to see what the other girls came up with. Make sure to check out the end of this post to see their nail arts as well!

Care to see what I did?

When the theme was announced I wasn't sure right away what to create. Luckily, there was this little tin from Fossil sitting on my desk that has a chartreuse lid and black & white 3D dots on it. Not actually 3D dots, just the illusion ones where the white overlaps the black creating depth ;-). Inspiration found!

I chose to use Cirque Colors Hustle as it matched quite nicely to the color of the tin. Because I've not been painting my nails regularly I needed 3 coats, but if you are able to paint your nails properly you can get away with 2. After it dried I used a large dotting tool and some random black polish to create my dots. After they dried (important, or you'll pick up black when adding the white!) I added the white dots, putting them a bit higher and more to the right to create the illusion of 3D dots.

Dots always become a bit thicker so take your time to let them dry, otherwise you'll definitely smear them when topcoating (I still did a bit). I used a matte finish because ♥ matte ♥. And I was done!

What do you think of my 3D dots? And how would you have interpreted the dotticure theme? Tell me in the comments!

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